Flop-Account auf Instagram als Infoquelle


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Jörg Schieb ist Internetexperte und Netzkenner der ARD. Im WDR arbeitet er trimedial: für WDR Fernsehen, WDR Hörfunk und WDR.de. In seiner Sendung "Angeklickt" in der Aktuellen Stunde berichtet er seit 20 Jahren jede Woche über Netzthemen – immer mit Leidenschaft und leicht verständlich.

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  6. Well, i don’t agree with your given topic as a “Flop-Account auf Instagram” any social media account cannot decided her future so we cant post such kind negative thing

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  10. I created an account 2 weeks ago and I uploaded photos of food as inspiration, making sure to provide original source of the photo & give credit to the photographer whenever the information was available, plus I also wrote clearly in my bio that I did not own any of the content. Yesterday I was scrolling through my feed when the app closed. I tried to login again but received a message that my account had been permanently disabled due to violation of the user terms. I read through all the terms and I don’t see what I did wrong to deserve being banned? I didn’t spam-follow or comment, abuse anyone, upload nude photos or anything, use any instagram bots or whatever they’re called, I didn’t claim someone elses’ photos to be mine… Why did I get banned

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  15. Many customers misinterpreted a phase of Instagram’s up to date terms of use to mean that the website online could begin promoting photos to advertisers and not using a warning or advantage to the mobile photographer

  16. Dort gibt es – noch – nicht so viele „Trolls“, also Verrückte, die mit ihren verdrehten Kommentaren alles aufmischen, so wie bei Twitter, Facebook oder Reddit längst üblich. Außerdem werden Jugendliche in vielen Foren nicht ernst genommen!!!

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